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Cut Tubes
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Cut Tubes

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trocar tip Cut Tubes
bent tubings Cut Tubes
One of the main focuses of our production programme is the manufacturing of precision tubular parts in a variety of shapes and designs.
Due to the diversity of the various techniques new requirements for highest quality specialist products for medicine and technology can be met.

Tubular components

End cuts Tubular components
Drillings and end cuts Tubular components
Drillings Tubular components
Cuts Tubular components
End cuts Tubular components
Cuts and drillings Tubular components
Hero stainless steel tubes

round tubes
square tubes, on special request
stainless steel wire (in straight ends)

see stock list, or here

Hero stainless steel tubes

These tubes are also available as cut tubes in different lengths without burrs
according to your requirements
(min. length: 1.50 mm, max. length: 240

Hero stainless steel tubes
Price on request, depending on the quantity!